One Piece Card Game: Romance Dawn [OP-01]

$75 SGD

Romance Dawn [OP-01] serves as the inaugural set from Bandai's latest One Piece Card Game.

This dynamic card game captures the essence of the beloved One Piece series, allowing you to assemble your own pirate crew and challenge formidable foes.

With beautifully illustrated cards featuring your favourite characters and iconic scenes, this game promises an immersive experience for fans and gamers alike.

Who knows you might just pull yourself the fabled Manga Shanks card!

Featuring a total of 121 unique cards, you can expect the following card rarities from this set:

  • 45 Common Cards
  • 30 Uncommon Cards
  • 26 Rare Cards
  • 8 Leader Rares
  • 10 Super Rares
  • 2 Secret Rares
Check out the complete OP-01 Romance Dawn card list here.

Language: Japanese
Set Code:
Release Date:
2nd July, 2022

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