Weiß Schwarz: Cardcaptor Sakura 25th Anniversary Booster Box

$65 SGD

Quantity: Box
  • 1 box at $75 each
  • 1 case (24 boxes) at $1800 (Order 24 boxes will ship in a sealed case)

Dive into the captivating universe of Cardcaptor Sakura with this meticulously crafted collection by Weiß Schwarz, designed to bring the magic of the series to life.

Each pack is a gateway to reliving iconic moments from the beloved anime and manga series. Immerse yourself in the vibrant artwork featuring Sakura Kinomoto, Keroberos, and other cherished characters, beautifully illustrated in stunning detail.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey, capture the magic, and let your deck reflect your love for Cardcaptor Sakura with Weiss Schwarz!

Card List: Cardcaptor Sakura 25th Anniversary Card List
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 23rd Feburary 2024
Specifications: 12 packs per booster box, 24 booster boxes per case