Weiss Schwarz

Featuring iconic anime series like Hololive, Shakugan no Shana, Accel World, and Sword Art Online, Weiss Schwarz stands as a captivating collectible card game that brings the vibrant and diverse worlds of these famous franchises to life.

With each card showcasing beloved characters, unique abilities, and memorable moments, Weiss Schwarz invites players to step into the exciting realms of these renowned anime, offering an immersive and strategic gaming experience where battles and adventures await.

This unique card game, developed by Bushiroad, The game is separated into Weiß-side and Schwarz-side. "Weiß" and "Schwarz" are German for white and black, respectively. And it has gained a dedicated following worldwide, making it a must-try for both avid collectors and competitive players.


The game focuses on two main aspects: character battle and clock/level which regulate what cards can be played as well as acting as a player's life points.