One Piece Card Game

Bandai's One Piece Card Game captures the essence of Eiichiro Oda's beloved manga and anime series, offering a thrilling gaming experience that combines strategy, collectibility, and the rich lore of One Piece.

Whether you're a collector in search of rare cards or a player seeking intense challenges, this game provides an immersive journey through the iconic world of pirates, Marines, and the ultimate quest for the One Piece treasure.


Two players battle to wear their opponent down to zero life by playing characters from their deck, paying for cards and boosting their power with DON!! cards - a reference to the manga’s use of the Japanese onomatopoeia as a sound effect. Each deck is led by a leader who has their own powerful abilities, and must be defended against attacks from the opponent.

Join Luffy and his companions on their legendary journey with the One Piece Card Game, and let your adventure begin today!